Outcomes and Benefits of OK Drill (It's as easy as 1-2-3-4!)

Outcomes of the OK Drill

Residents will:

  1. Review their Disaster Plan and check their emergency supplies
  2. Tune into (if available) their local AM Emergency Radio stations for instructions
  3. Post their OK sign in a window facing a street or mailbox

Benefits of the OK Drill

  1. People taking personal responsibility for their own welfare through Planning and Preparation
  2. Creating Community by participating in an area-wide drill
  3. Leadership Development through establishing CERT Emergency Response Teams

This simple, yet dynamic, drill provides opportunities to create and enhance teamwork, communications and leadership. Ojai Valley CERT contributes the success of our organization's growth and development to the first Ojai OK Drill held on 9/17/08.

This is how we do it!

  • Ojai Valley CERT (Ojai , CA) is inviting all CERT (and volunteer response) groups to join us for a coordinated drill on the third Wednesday of September at 7PM (your local time).
  • Create OK Signs - Print OK Signs (on Letter Size, Yellow Paper) with applicable information on reverse side
  • Distribute OK Signs - CERT members giving out within their neighborhood; Fire Dept visiting classrooms; Faith-based organizations; Libraries; City Hall; Farmers Markets, etc.
  • Create Neighborhood Areas - Based on Volunteer Response Team Jurisdiction, divide city/town into areas (maximum of 9)
  • Designate Neighborhood Area Command Post - Each Neighborhood Area has a command post with a Neighborhood Area Coordinator
  • Further Divide Neighborhood Areas into NERTs - Based on CERT Volunteer residence and geography, subdivide into smaller areas (Neighborhood Emergency Response Teams)
  • Designate Rendezvous Points - Each NERT has a specific rendezvous point with a Coordinator
  • NERT Assignment - Assign each CERT member to a NERT
  • Assign radio operators (ideally Ham Operator) -- Assign to each Neighborhood Area Coordinator and NERT Coordinator
  • Search Areas Planned - Plan ahead search areas for each NERT
  • Counting Begins - After teams rally at rendezvous point, count designated search area (Note: You have one hour to complete count)
  • Communication of counts - NERT Coordinators Communicate to Neighborhood Area Coordinators
  • Neighborhood Area Count - Area Coordinators tally NERT counts and communicate (via radio) to Command Center (Note: You should be complete by 8:30PM)
  • Command Center tallies Neighborhood Counts - Command Center adds up totals from all Neighborhood Areas
  • Command Center communicates to Ojai Valley CERT - Send email to ojaivalleycert@gmail.com with organization, location and total count.
  • We look forward to collaborating with you.
  • Files & Additional Information - please click on this link

Monday, October 3, 2011

2011 OK Drill Results

Another successful Ojai Valley OK Drill concluded evening of Wednesday, Sept 21st around 8:30PM. Volunteers from Ojai Valley CERT, Ham Radio and Red Cross came together to canvass the Ojai Valley looking for signs posted by residents. Ventura County Sheriff's Department requested CalTrans position two (very large) flashing road-signs advertising the drill. The AM1610 Station broadcast messages, recording by Ham Operators. The after-event was hosted at Arc Enrichment Center.

Casitas Springs - 0
Oak View - 203
Mira Monte - 608
Meiners Oaks - 180
Arbolada/Foothill - 101
West City Ojai - 64
East City Ojai - 35
East End - 15
Upper Ojai - 9

Total - 1214

This year the totals dropped a bit, relative to last year. While ideally the numbers continue rising, they are nothing but a metric. One purpose of the recurring drill is for some self-inquiry by all participants: did I put up my sign? could we do a better advertising job? did I do an effective search within my neighborhood? what were any communication challenges? what needs to be improved for next year?

Camarillo Leisure Village also held an OK Drill on same day:
2136 Doors checked
1498 OK Signs Counted (70%)
45 minutes to complete

Thanks to everyone for a fun time, which included bringing us all together for some lively discussion.

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